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The Towing Experts

There is nothing worse than seeing your car damaged or ruthlessly cared for when transporting. At The Towing Experts, we are car enthusiasts that show you we care about your car just as we care about our own. Rest assured. We are licensed, bonded, and use the latest and greatest equipment available in the industry. Don’t be afraid to transport your vehicle any longer. Trust the Experts!

24522 15TH Ave, Des Moines, WA 98198

(206) 429-7300



I was traveling with my family last week and my SUV broke down in the middle of no where so I called the towing experts and they were a great help. They were there within seconds and took care of everything very efficiently and professionally!! I would highly recommend them. Awesome service!! Thank you!!

Transmission on my towncar gave up on 405 during rush hours. Called the towing experts and they were there very quickly. Operator was polite and professional. Loaded my car on flatbed and Dropped it off at the mechanic shop. He even texted me back to let me know that my car was dropped off. Very satisfied!
Karamjit D.
The Towing Experts are a great company. Owen was dispatched from a vendor to bring me gas on the side of highway 18 and was a pleasure to deal with. We got 2 gallons of gas put in the vehicle and it still would not start, as the gas was going to the back of the tank, as that part of 18 was on a hill. He could have just kept putting gas in the vehicle but went above and beyond by towing me up the street to a gas station. He did not have to do that and did not charge me for that. This company has very solid customer service!
Brandon F.

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